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Pooja Prefab House was established in the year 2014 with a great in the field of Prefab cabin. After extensive survey of the use of the fabrication technique and future demands. The module was selected based on the climatic, economic need of the country. Our team is having a great experience of last 15 years. Our team will not compromise with the quality of the products.

Pooja prefab house offer great flexibility in terms of design, manufacturing and integration. Same as like modular homes, portable toilets can also be built in sections in factory. Prefabricated mini house is quite possibly the next big thing in manufactured homes. According to DDA, property owners may build a second home on their property without a building permit. This allows homeowners to maximize their lot potential, and create a custom living space on an existing lot.

Prefabricated homes and modular homes are dwellings manufactured in a factory in advance, usually in sections that can be easily sent to the site and integrated. Architecture of a modular home design is very important and should be detailed.

Prefabs are made of composite materials which are manufactured by combination of materials containing different properties such as plastics, concrete and steel. These are specifically designed for longer period of applications or usage.

Modular Homes are extremely durable, as well as water proof, termite proof and borer proof. Due to their longer life of utility and affordable cost, manufactured homes can be used for permanent, semi-permanent or temporary applications. Our prefabricated structures are also used in different commercial applications including pre-engineered building construction, schools, portable health care centers, portable site offices, shops, telephone booths, police stations, portable toilets or restrooms etc.

Presently we are into latest technique of sandwiched panel technology catering to various segments of the society. Our goal is to be a leader in our area of operation while maintaining the highest level of business ethics and technological innovations.
Pre-Engineered vs. Conventional Construction POOJA PREFAB HOUSE feature several advantages over traditional "stick-built" and block construction. The offices are engineered for easy installation and relocation the structural while providing integrity and strength of conventional construction.A summary of the advantages of Pre- Engineered construction are listed below.
The wall panels and framework are pre-finished creating a system which is 100% reusable. This makes modifying and expanding existing offices quick and easy. Once installed POOJA PREFAB HOUSE can be moved any other within short time.
Pre-Engineered POOJA PREFAB HOUSE allow for multiple configuration including two-story office, load-bearing system and single person portable office.
Structural POOJA PREFAB HOUSE is engineered to be durable and maintenance free. We can design offices to meet the most demanding conditions including seismic loading requirements. Installation The walls and framework ship pre-finished and cut to size allowing for quick installation with minimal disruption to the surrounding workspace.


Thermal Insulation
The Pooja Prefab Panels, used in construction insulate twenty times more efficiently than concrete and are eight times efficient than brick. Using them can therefore save not only on installation cost of cooling and heating systems, but also cut down on recurring energy cost by as much as 50%. This property makes it ideally suited and profitable to be utilized for constructing houses, hotels , factories, schools and even cold storages in extreme climatic conditions.
Impact Resistance
Pooja Prefab Panels are tough and resistant to extreme weather conditions. The solid unitized core coupled with the toughness and strength of Pooja Prefab Panels offer impact and abrasion resistance superior to all commonly used construction material. Dense and durable, the Pooja Prefab Panels is far less susceptible to the damage from vandalism as compared to other constructions.
Compressive Strength
The Pooja Panels offer a superior strength-to-weight ration when compared to conventional building elements. This exceptional property brings about an economy in construction without compromising on the strength of the building. The panels can bear a load of 600 kg/M2.
Precision & Consistent Quality
Unlike convention-designed structure our perfect structures are manufactured has production to give accurately upto millmatric precision by our special machine. The whole structure is manufactured under strict quality condition by trained technical staff to consistent quality.
Water Resistance & Leak Proof
With the use of the exclusive Polyboned Resin being incorporated into the Panel provide highly water-resistant barrier thus ensuring long-term durability. The Pooja Panels does not suffer the deterioration from prolonged exposure to water that affects gypsum board, steel, wood, plaster and cement. The self-sealant interloped can further be sealed with special waterproof sealant to ensure 100% leak proof design.
Structure Strength
Fully erected and anchored prefab building is able to withstand earthquake, high wind force and other climatic disasters i.e. floods as inter-locking panels high load bearing capacities of panels like coupled with additional support create/beam of Monolike structure.
• Super Strong structure
• Rapid construction
• Aesthetically good looking
• All weather proof
• Leak proof
• Rust and Abrasion resistant
• Earth quake resistant
• Thermally Insulated
• Expandable Design .

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