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Frequently Asked Questions
[Q] What if I want to expand or move my existing POOJA PREFAB HOUSE to new place.
[A] POOJA PREFAB HOUSE modular design encompasses interchangeable components that allow for maximum flexibility. POOJA PREFAB HOUSE can be dismantled, reconfigured and completely reassembled or moved.

[Q] What is the square foot cost of a POOJA PREFAB HOUSE Office/Room ?
[A] The cost will vary depending on ceiling height, interior walls, and number of doors, windows, floor, without floor and other options. However, POOJA PREFAB HOUSE office systems will normally range between @Rs.1000/-Sq.Ft. to @Rs.1700/-Sq.Ft. and even more.

[Q] How long does it take to install a POOJA PREFAB HOUSE?
[A] Installation is quick, clean and easy. Typically, your office will be completely functional in one-sixth the time of permanent construction. You drastically reduce your down time with no mess, dust, or debris. Often, your POOJA PREFAB HOUSE office can be installed in 1 Week, ready for work Monday morning in a clean, quiet, comfortable environment.

[Q] Does POOJA PREFAB HOUSE offer panel, color and equipment options?
[A] POOJA PREFAB HOUSE offers a wide variety of options that allow you to select the combination of finishes, colors and materials that best suit your needs.
[Q] We are very short of space on our site. Can you build up on the roof or within internal courtyards?
[A] Yes, subject to individual site surveys. We have installed buildings on rooftops using structural steelwork. We can also crane buildings over existing structures and into enclosed courtyards. Multi-storey capability means large buildings can be created on small footprints or small parcels of land.
[Q] What can you do to enhance the security of my modular or portable building?
[A] A range of optional extras is available to enhance the security of your building and prevent break-ins. These range from steel shutters and window guards to intruder alarm systems.
[Q] How do I connect the building to electricity, telephone and data cables?
[A] All Pooja prefab buildings are fitted with a consumer unit, tested to BS7671. A qualified electrician must connect the consumer unit to a mains supply. We advise you to contact your communications systems provider to arrange connection to computer and telephone systems.
[Q] How are Pooja prefab buildings delivered?
[A] We will make all arrangements for the delivery of your building. Modular and portable buildings are transported by road on a flat-bed lorry or trailer platform and positioned using a lorry-mounted or standard crane. Modular buildings are then mechanically moved into position using lifting eyes.
[Q] What is the difference between a 'modular' and a 'portable' building?
[A] A portable building is a stand-alone, self-contained building that is delivered in one piece by road and installed on site ready for immediate use. A modular building is constructed from two or more individual building modules. The modules are delivered to site by road, craned into position and connected together to create buildings of any size, with multiple storeys, to meet individual requirements.
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